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When it comes to getting your child academically prepared for college, it can be hard staying on top of grades, grade point average, courses required for graduation, getting them quality tutoring, and helping to maintain good overall performance. On top of academics, when you add in a sport, it becomes even more for your student-athlete to balance. When grooming a student-athlete, there are a number of things to consider from the time they choose courses end of 8th grade year until they walk across the stage end of 12th grade year. Here at Inspire Athletics Consulting Group, we will walk with you each step of the way to ensure your student-athlete is on right path academically and prepared to receive athletic scholarships should their athletic abilities afford them the opportunity to do so. We are here for you, look no further; let us guide you and your student-athlete through it all. 


Inspiring the mind to compete with the athletic skills to reach attainable collegiate and life goals.


To prepare and inspire student-athletes to be academically eligible for scholarships at the collegiate level.

academic courses

Did you know there are certain courses that you have to take to be eligible to pay at the collegiate level?


From the start of your 9th grade year, your grades count and your core GPA is being calculated. You want to gain as many quality points as possible when it comes to calculating your GPA for NCAA Division I and II purposes. Not only for NCAA, but you want to also be able to apply for academic scholarships as well. Maintaining a high GPA will aid you in being able to do just that. Being organized with your school work and daily routine will help you manage your time better. Reading, writing, and listening to positive messages will all help you academically overall. 

student-athlete balance

Getting good grades is not hard to do, but you must dedicate yourself to studying just as much as you do to your sports, friends, etc.  Like anything else, you have to work hard at it. Being a student-athlete is no different. You have to work at being a great student as well as a great athlete. There is a time and place for each. The classroom is the place for you to listen, learn, and show competency in your subject area to get passing scores and maintain GPA. The chosen athletic area is where you are given the chance to showcase your talent, be a leader (captain), and be a part of a team. Make, no mistake, you can do these things in all areas, but it takes balancing them to make it work. Knowing what you want, making a plan, using your time wisely, will help you get where you want to be. 

never be afraid



You know that you have a talent. You have been playing a particular sport since you were very young. You know that you love to play this sport and you want to get better at it. NEVER BE AFRAID to ask for help and guidance to better yourself and your goals. You have to train like you will be the next Tom Brady, LeBron James, Serena Williams, or Christian Pulisic. Each day will bring new events, you have to be able to handle them with the mindset of a winner. Wake up daily ready to put in the work and be the winner that you are. Succeeding comes with never being afraid to go after what you want. Always be respectful and lead with positivity. 

Inspire Athletics Consulting

Inspire Athletics Consulting Group is a nonprofit agency providing a program for student athletes to give them educational training, academic guidance and the assistance needed to be academically eligible for scholarship opportunities at the collegiate level. The goal of Inspire Athletics Consulting Group is to educate and prepare student-athletes and parents on the importance of being academically prepared to pursue athletic scholarships and take talent to next level if given the opportunity. IACG provides educational training and tutoring to students helping them reach and maintain academic eligibility for high school sports and possible scholarship opportunities at the collegiate level. IACG provides academic guidance and assistance needed to be academically prepared to pursue collegiate level education at Division I, Division II, NAIA, or JUCO colleges. IACG provides awareness to parents by giving them the tools and understanding needed to assist their student-athlete to reach their full academic potential.

Knowing what it takes

A Parent’s Guide to College Athletics Eligibility