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What is Inspire Athletic Consulting Group (IACG)?

Inspire Athletic Consulting Group (IACG) is a team of dedicated educators, coaches, and parents who want to see student-athletes succeed academically so they may soar athletically. Our team will guide you in the right direction, monitoring grade point average throughout your high school career to prepare for college.

Are the staff members (or use advisors) qualified to help my child be successful?

The staff is made up of certified educators, which is what makes them skilled to provide the services. They are high school teachers that educate students on a daily basis in different subject areas; they are parents who have children of their own they educate at home. The staff has a passion to see students succeed in every aspect of their lives. Not only inside the classroom, but outside of the classroom, each person brings (a variety of expertise and knowledge.

What experience does the staff members have to work with student athletes?

Most of the staff members have coached a sport at some point and they know what it takes to motivate students to be good leaders and maintain academics while doing so. They also know the demands that are put on coaches from parents, other coaches, the team, and busy schedule.

How will the staff members work with my child?

They understand that coaches do not always have the time to do what it takes to assist their students academically. Yes, coaches check grades, but most of the time, it is not them doing it personally, they have a teacher to do it and report back. With IACG specializing in monitoring grades and being in communication with students and parents, this is the primary focus. Not only would the grades be monitored, but tutorial services would be offered and a plan set to improve grades. The services provided by IACG are more personal and are available to both student and parent in and out of season.

What role does my child’s guidance counselor play?

A guidance counselor ensures that all students are on track academically with the classes that they take. (Often times it is difficult for guidance counselors to ensure that all students are on track academically which can contribute to various factors. Having too many kids on their caseload is a main factor, having kids that fail classes and need to make them up, having a cap on classes and fitting classes into school also factors in. With IACG, getting students in the right classes is the main focus because in order for them to be eligible for possible scholarships, they have to take and pass certain classes before their senior year. We would be the extra set of eyes to ensure the right classes are taken and recommendations are make for students that may be missing courses needed to be on track.

What role do I play as a parent?

We educate parents on all things concerning scheduling of classes, which often times is not done until something goes wrong or child is on brink of not graduating because they are missing a class. IACG will help to eliminate this by being there step by step.

How can you ensure my child will be successful in your program?

The main goal is to have students graduate from high school and ready to pursue post-secondary options and be eligible for collegiate level sports scholarships while doing so. IACG will assist students with SAT/ACT prep to help reach acceptable scores and grade point average that align with NCAA requirements.

The staff can deliver what they say because they do it on a daily basis. Three of the educators on the staff also have experience working with students with disabilities. We have experience making individualize plans for these students and transition plans to help them succeed outside of high school. What IACG will provide is much similar to the individualized care these educators are used to giving and give daily in and out of the classroom. I have seen them deliver and this is why they are a good fit for IACG and the future of it.